Friday, July 27, 2012


I would totally write a blog post today but I seem to have returned from Bali with a strange urge to go shopping. So out of character for me, especially since I went yesterday for a couple of hours to do a few chores. Not sure what is wrong with me. Could be the fact that I have lost a few kilo's and actually feel like buying some new clothes. 

Or maybe of have just gone MAD. Who knows? So for now, please accept this beautiful rainy day flower from Bali. Pretty much sums up the weather while we were there. A bit wet but still Beautiful and warm. 

This picture was taken in someone's backyard where we went for a visit to check out the owners new shop and visit with the family. Right behind this little wall of flowers was this..... a great lesson in self sufficiency...rice, coconuts and various vegetables, even the ornamental part of the garden was growing useful food.  Very nice indeed. :-)  Is it not beautiful? 

Peace to you my lovelies....Have a beautiful day!

Hugs and smoochies xoxoxox


  1. You? Shopping? Hmmmm... No monkey attacks, I presume.

    That is a beautiful flower and garden! As ever, green with envy of people with green thumbs!

  2. LOL yeah I went shopping by choice. I bought some warm pants too. :-) No monkeys this time, I steered clear of them intentionally. The gardens and flowers are extremely lucky in Bali. They are continually blessed by those who tend them. That side of Bali is rather magical. :-)


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