Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Excuses Excuses

Oh dear! Its been a whole month and despite my declarations to speak I have been absent and seemingly have nothing to say. 

I have been thinking plenty of course. Learning way too much if that is possible. Smiling a lot which is wonderful. And basically living life which is a perfect way to get the balance back into order don't you think? 

There are so any things I could tell you about my life right now but each would take a huge post so for now I will just say a big HI and leave you hanging. Well not quite. 

Those who have been around for a while might remember my big garden? Well, it was removed and replaced by a massive slab of concrete. At first I was quite upset at this plan but I have actually come around to the idea. This week we took away the big old shed and put the trampoline and a much smaller shed up the top of the yard. Leaving the whole concrete area for the kids to ride there skateboards on. Now they just need a half pipe and they are set. There is talk of a half basket ball court too. Hmmmm 

Of course there will still be gardens. They will just be smaller and in different places. :-) Hopefully much easier to manage. And who are these lovely girls you ask? 

"It wasn't ME! It was HER!" 
Well, the concreter's in their ultimate wisdom, left the gate open when they left and these lovely ladies thought they might come in for a visit and leave their almighty foot prints right through the wet concrete!!! In hindsight I wish I got a picture of that! It looked really cool! My hubby did not think so though as he had just forked out quite a lot of money for that concrete. Woops! 

However, at the time, panic stations set in as these dogs are huge and heavy and the footprints were quite deep. They left and came back before I took these pictures. 

"Yep! It was ME! Can't deny it with all this muck between my toes!" 

"Please forgive me ok? You know you want to! Just look at my lovely, cute, slobby, adorable face! We will just forget that I wiped my drool on your skirt. Okay?" 

Of course I forgave them, but not so sure the hubby did. 

Have a beautiful day everyone! 

Hugs and smoochies xoxoxox


  1. I can see where that might be frustrating for your husband, but like you, I rather like the personalized bit. That's why we have shells and writing in our concrete in front of our house.

  2. I did notice your blog being marked private. I thought of you often, especially lately. I didn't give up, and I'm you are back. Those little footed fairies are absolutely adorable! I'm glad you took care of you, glad to see you back.

    1. Hey stranger! I was thinking about you too and wondering how you were. Must email you. Hugs xoxox


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