Saturday, November 17, 2012

And we have a plan..... in the homeschool dept.

So after weeks of procrastinating, wondering, nail biting and making sure this was actually the right decision. I have written up a bit of a plan to see us out to the end of the year.

Un-schoolers (close your eyes lovelies, don't want to scare you away now but we are heading down the curriculum ally from now on and for very good reason I tell you).

Don't panic, he is still going to be able to follow his interests, learn in the real world and have loads of fun, because we all want learning to be fun.  This plan is to record what resources and texts we will be using as a base and then we incorporate lots of fun activities around them.

What we will be learning this term.....


  • Excel Basic Skills Year 7
  • Quick Wit Workbook – Fractions and Decimals made easy.
  • Work Sheet Generators
  • Maths Games
  • Minecraft
  • Internet – (Khan Academy, various websites for activities or games)
  • Real Life situations – recognising and understanding how we use math in our natural environment


Spelling Oxford – Improve your spelling 2

Comprehension Oxford - Improve your comprehension

Writing Currently writing his own book. (his choice)

  •      With My Knife – Andrew Lansdown
  •      Valley of Gold – Jackie French
  •      Own choices

Vocabulary  - Top Skills

Grammar -    Strictly English 

Unit Study  - English/Astronomy workbook


Astronomy Investigating Space and Beyond (International Year Series, RIC publications)
Learning to use the Telescope
Planet Quest (a fun game) 

Ecosystems Science in Art – Focus on Science
Year 7 Science texts – Ecology section (he has been reading these from several books)
Visiting and recognising different ecological environments.

Permaculture Planning, building, planting and maintaining his own organic vegetable garden.

Experiments Self inspired regarding interest. And anything tying into the Astronomy or Ecology programs on a learn as you go basis.


History/Geography Australia – Gold rush (following a camping trip with friends he took an interest)
Focus On – Australian Topics
Australian Aboriginal Culture (Ric Publications)
Valley of Gold
Gold fossicking excursion (completed already)

Cooking Learning to cook and follow recipes.


/Community Service

  •  Surf Life Saving Voluntary work
  • Surf Life Saving Certificate – Public Safety/Aquatic Rescue
  • Surf Life Saving Training

Gymnastics  (with HS group)

  • Swimming
  • Trampolining
  • Skateboarding/Rip-stick riding
  • SRC activities/Nippers

LOTE (As Zak has already studied both Indonesian and Japanese at school this year. We are leaving out LOTE until next term when he will start Italian).


  • Learning to play the Ukulele using online sources
  • Begin to learn how to write music



  • Photography
  • Photographic interpretation
  • Shapes/Textures and Colours
  • Using Environmental materials in art
  • Paper Making
  • Photocopied Fabric Scene (texture and distance)
  • Analyse effects of different colour palettes
  • Collage (symbolic shapes and images)
  • Murals (Food Chain)
  • Unity


  • Soap Making
  • Water Colours
  • Painting
  • Cartooning (drawing)
  • Self inspired artworks.

Youth Group (attends a youth group once a week a Baptist Church for bible study and social, his choice)

We are focussing heavily on literacy and numeracy this term. While still trying to make learning FUN. 

Did I forget anything? I hope not because I think thats enough to be going with for now. We need to leave room for his interests after all. ;-) 


  1. Looks like an excellent plan. Lots to choose from without being tied down to a specific resource. That's the way to do it.

    Good Luck!

  2. I like having a basic curriculum to guide us. It gives us focus and a starting point. I feel good when I know that we are moving through things and I try not to worry too much about the pace, so long as there is progress. I pick a few things for the girls to do each day and they fill in the rest. We balance what I want and need with what they want and need.

    It must be hard going from homeschooling to school and back to homeschooling but you will find your way.
    Best of wishes.

  3. sounds good! we a incorporating a bit of interest led unit work atm because there was too much computer/ps3ing going on and not much else. Could I email you about something?

    1. OF course, do you still have my email address?

  4. Looks like a good plan. Funny, we're reading Jackie French's Valley of Gold atm too :)


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