Friday, November 30, 2012

Asteroid fun...

This week Zak has been learning what effect the impact of an asteroid may have on a planet if it hits the surface.

To do this we used a tray full of flour and salt and some pebble stones of varying sizes.

It was determined that the results would be different, depending on how far away the asteroid came from, how fast it was travelling, the size of the asteroid itself and where it hit, e.g.. flat land or mountain. 

The smaller asteroids actually bounced so that there were two or three impact zones......which left shallower holes in the planet surface...... 

The larger asteroids left a deeper hole and depending on how fast it was travelling a wider impact zone.

The conclusion was that no matter how fast or how big the asteroid, the results would be catastrophic for the planet involved. 

Especially if hit by multiple asteroids......

Little Miss Peanut did not really understand what was going on but as this was such a fun "game" she had to have lots of turns. "Look....big hole".  

She was, of course, very happy when Zak was finished and she could get her hands (and the rest of herself) into that flour........

It was about this stage that we rescued the flour and put it into a container for later use. We are thinking of making some Xmas ornaments out of it. :-) 

Have a wonderful week.  Happy Learning. 


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  1. I think I'd have some fun with that lesson myself. Little Miss Peanut is just adorable.


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