Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Because Mama is not very good at saying no...

And I quote: "But we used to have 7 pets and now we ONLY have 3" , after saying no to new rats last week and no to kittens and puppies for months. I finally caved when inundated with video, pictures and reminders of how this little darling and her siblings were dumped at the vet when they were too little to fend for themselves. Saying NO, was a little bit hard. 

Introducing Sibel, our new family member......

Of course the dogs, Bella and Miko are not impressed and neither is the Mookie the Cockatiel but they will get used to her.

After all she is so adorable! Don't you think? 


  1. Ooh, she is just adorable, Karisma! Sooo sweet! Love the photos. And she is very lucky to have a home with you :)

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  3. Ooh she beautiful...!

    Our cat Marty went missing about 2 months ago.
    I miss having a cat. Im going to give it while hopfully he might come back.
    But seeing your pictures is making me clucky. :)

    1. Oh how sad Anne, I hope he comes back to you soon. We were at the vets one day when a lady came in to get her cat desexed. Turns out he had wondered in one day and they had kept him without checking. They had to give him back to his real owners. The owners were so excited when they came in.

  4. She is beautiful K, and love the name. Our cat Harley went missing recently as well, and I said no more cats but I'm starting to think no stop me!

  5. D'awww! I love her! Gosh, I would live in a house full of cats if I could, but three is enough... For now. ;) Besides, our caique rules them with an iron wing, so I'm not ready to shift the balance just yet.

    Though... kitty...

  6. So cute! I'm sure the rest of the pets will fall in love with her soon.


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