Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Music is fun...

When you choose it for yourself of course.

Over the years we have provided our children with just about every instrument under the sun. In the hopes that they would take a liking to one of them. We have multiple guitars, electric and acoustic, electric drums, flutes, recorders, percussion of sorts, a decent keyboard. And yes they all had a go at various times and even learned to play some of them to a certain extent but never really getting passionate about any of them. 

And then this year, the girls bought their dad a ukulele for fathers day. Zak was immediately enchanted with it. So much so, that he wanted one for himself and began saving. He picked up a tune straight away and showed a natural talent. So when he had saved half the money for a decent one, we put him out of his misery and paid the other half. 

He came home with this little beauty and I have to say its been well worth the money. 

He practices EVERY day. Several times a day. He practices early in the morning and late at night. He picks it up between lessons and practices. He plays it very loudly and he has even learned how to play it very softly.  He pretty much drives the other kids nuts with it.  

When he has mastered the notes and a new tune, he quickly seeks out online lessons for another one.  Its all very serious business you know? 


Well most of the time........this is yet another way he likes to practice.....mutli-tasking at its finest.......

Practicing AND exercising at the same time......

What an awesome way to learn!

He does not seem to be getting sick of it either. 

Have a beautiful day! 


  1. Love it! Did he know about the Ukelele festival that was in Newie earlier this year?

    1. No, I bet he would have loved that. Will have to keep my eye open for next time. :-)

  2. How much fun! Once he masters it, you'll have to upload a song for us. I'd love to hear it.

  3. Nothing nicer than music in the house. I loved it when my kids were in bands, and never minded the sound of them practising. Kate was quite the promising cornet player but lost interest when she got to her teens, sadly. So glad Zac is playing the ukelele, I'd love to hear a song too!


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