Saturday, November 24, 2012

Science in Art....

This past couple of weeks Zak has been working on some photography presentation for art. He is using the Focus on -Art in Science   book as a base, but in true Zak style, interpreting the outcomes in his own way.  The unit he is working on at the moment covers photography and eco-systems. 

We took a trip out to the beach to take his pictures where he identified all the elements in a coastal eco-system. Then he took pictures of the water, the sand, the rocks, the sky and even some unfortunate sea creatures who were no longer in the land of the living. 

After discussing his pictures and their part in the eco-system,   Zak chose his favourites to use in his display. 

(The fish was actually being eaten by a bird when he found it, but it flew away so we just have the picture of the fish with a big hole in its tummy. )

The project called for a concertina style set up, but Zak did not like that idea and chose to recycle an old picture frame so he could present his pictures in a wall hanging.  So he played around with some paper, pencils, textas and the pictures and when he decided where everything would go, he then worked on his background. 

Using texture was also a part of the project. While there were lots of different textures at the beach, the sand, the moss, the seaweed, the grass, the rocks, the water, the shells but as he could not glue too much to the front of his work as he wanted to cover it with glass, he ended up presenting his texture by rubbing pencils over various surfaces around the house and then choosing those that closest represented his pictures.  As you can see here he did not choose to use all of the embellishments in the end. Apparently, less is best.......It was hard to get a good picture with the glass on it but his pictures are actually really good. 

Also in the art/math dept, Zak has decided to start a scrap/drawing book on Minecraft characters. This is something he wants to do himself and he has been having fun with it. The other day he was having trouble with getting one of his characters just right and his dad gave him a bit of a lesson in geometric drawing. He learned to use the ruler to measure to scale and copy his characters with more definite shape. Zak is generally stubborn when it comes to doing things his own way, yet he sat and listened and watched and the next day I caught him using these new skills for his next drawing. 

He has also been cooking quite a bit lately and a few weeks ago got creative with a cake for his big sister. It was not only pretty, it tasted very yummy too! 

Take care lovelies. Hope you are having a lovely weekend. 

Hugs xoxox


  1. The eco-system display looks amazing (and so does the cake!)

    Yes I know all about the stubborn boys who want to do things their own way :)

  2. wow, I just got the email I sent to you sent back because you don't have a yahoo account anymore? weird. I really think the fates (or someone else) are telling me something.
    Thanks again.

    Oh And Kez, it's not just boys that are stubborn and want to do things their own way, I have a girl here the same. :)

  3. Isn't it wonderful thought that he has the ability to tweak the assignment in a way that does not change the meaning, but makes it more memorable and important to him. I love that. To me it feels more like a challenge they will receive as an adult, here are the parameters, now get to work! It turned out lovely. As did the cake!

  4. I love the art in science photo collage, it's beautiful.

    I think it's amazing that you have given your son the freedom to complete his assignments in a way that expresses who he really is. I have to admit that was one area I really struggled with when I was homeschooling. I am a rigid task-master type and - in true Cosmic fashion - I birthed a child who marched to the beat of his very own drum.

    I think I learned more during our homeschooling years than he did, LOL.


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