Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sibel Speaks......

Dear Mum,

Where are you? I can't find you anywhere in the house and I have looked EVERYWHERE. 

Mum, I just wanted to ask you, what does naughty mean? Everyone keeps saying I am being naughty. Is that good mum, I hope so, coz apparently I am very very talented in this department.  

I have been pulling out all my toys (and everybody elses stuff) and leaving them all over the house. I have been helping with the washing. I have been swinging from cables and curtains. Biting any one and anything coz thats always fun.  Knocking down Nana's crystals from the bench.  Oh and I have been collecting balls from the xmas tree because mum, someone stole my stash from under the lounge. I have to start all over again! 

My favourite game this week has been teasing the big doggies. I have been pouncing at the door but for some reason they just keep ignoring me. Hmmmm

Last night Nana said I could not sleep in her room, so I decided to do some gardening for her. I KNOW you all keep telling me not to touch the Lily thing,  but mum I didn't. I just did some weeding and tidying up a bit. Then I kind of got excited and made a big hole....

Nana was a little bit cranky. Hmmm not sure why. I think it looks better like this and I had a wonderful time playing with all the dirt on the floor..... I think the dirt on the bench makes it look more earthy too...

And I  did manage to sneak into Nana's bed when granddad got up to go to work. I slipped by him and he shut the door so I spent the rest of the night in there. Hehe! Nana was not amused. Really I tried very hard to be good mum, I kissed her a lot, drooled all over her, purred really loudly in her face and I even fluffed up her neck and hair for her with my claws, she says I woke her up at least 8 times but I am pretty sure I gave her more loving than that. 

When the sun came up she finally realised the door was shut and got up and opened it, but she did not get up and get my breakfast mum so I thought I would help her with a bit of crochet while I waited. I took the end of this silk wool stuff (its even nicer than the other wool stuff I am not allowed to touch)  and took it into the other room and wound it round the stairs and through the dining table.

 I think I did a beautiful job, so I don't know why nana was complaining again. She sat down and undid all my hard work mum. How rude! I had managed to unravel a whole round of her pattern for her too!!!!

Hey Nana, do you wanna see my cranky face? 

Mum, she wasn't even grateful when I saved her from the dangly thing that was hanging from her teacup. She was about to drink it mum so I jumped up and pulled that thing out of there. I don't know why she had to jump so high and complain about getting wet, I did not get wet. And I threw the dangly thing on the bed mum so she would not eat it. I thought that was very helpful.

After all that mum, nana, finally decided I could have some breakfast. But mum, she fed me Beef and Kidney's..........Oh mum, I don't like beef and kidneys........but she said thats all I am getting today so I ate it anyways. Mum, I think she's still a bit cranky, she won't even let me read a book with her or help her with the computer. Geez.....

I really don't know what all the fuss is about. Mum can you stop at the shop on the way home and get me some good food? Some Salmon would be nice or even some of that nice Turkey nana fed me yesterday. Yep, I think I would like some more of that. 

Now I am off to find something fun to do. Like this.....

Mum, being naughty is fun! Why is nana shouting? 

Bye mum, I miss you. 

Love Sibel. xoxoxx


  1. Ah... life with kittens! I like their mischief much more than puppy mischief. My last puppy ate the deck.

    1. She is getting up to far more mischief than the puppies. She forgot to mention that she almost caught the bird too. Silly bird landed on the floor instead of her cage, lucky I was close enough to pick her up quickly. :-)

  2. That was the funniest thing I've read in ages Karisma, you're back with a vengeance! Love the photos too, and even more sweet, we got our own prodigal cat back today. Harley Rose is back home!

  3. That gave me such a good laugh! It would be hard to stay mad at her for too long though, just look at that cute little face!

  4. That was so funny! We don't have cats, but we do have one very mischievous doggy.


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