Friday, February 1, 2013

Back off Mum - I'm studying....

For most of the kids in Australia, it was back to school this week. For us it was one back to year 10 at the local high-school and one back to the routine of learning at home. Well, sort great plans of what we would be doing and when have been rather thwarted as usual. Technically it has only been two official days of school, of course learning has been happening all over the place, as it does. 

So why are things NOT going the way I planned it then? Hmmm, Despite my announcements that we will NOT be un-schooling this year and that there would be curriculum, my child in his usual manner just goes ahead and creates his own learning opportunities and tells me to wait my turn. 

It all started just before we went off on holidays for a week. It was decided that we were far too big for our motorcycles and they were quickly sold off and replaced when we got back with these monsters.......the picture does not do them justice but see that yellow thing in the back? Thats dads triumph, yes they are that big! 

Ooooh...the mama in me is cringing.......the free spirit in me however is chanting "Let them fly!" Yeah I am not going to watch.  So instead of installing this right now....

He is studying the motor cycle manual furiously as he is not allowed to ride it until he learns all about it. Fair is fair. He is also learning that he cannot always have everything for nothing and has worked out his payment plan... well not quite he has just written out what he owes...

He has secured himself a job with a lawn-mowing business two days a week so he can pay it off and earn some pocket money. So I find myself now having to re-arrange my curriculum to suit his nibs lifestyle. 

Thats okay because apart from all this, school really does not start fully till next week and so far this past week or so he has also...

  • made a good start in his spelling activities 
  • completed some standard & IRL math 
  • learned a lot about fishing
  • been kayaking
  • fishing off a boat, beach and lakes
  • studying the fishing manual and learned that we were misinformed about him needing a license
  • been drawing lots of pictures
  • wrote a creative writing piece to go with his pictures
  • worked out a fitness regime for himself and been doing it daily
  • been bodyboarding at the beach and swimming most afternoons
  • learned to play a new math game, read all the instructions and taught others
  • Did some worksheets about GOLD
  • Reading - Valley of Gold
  • Did some gardening - weeding, planting and harvesting goodies
  • Cooking (still forgetting to turn the stove off - arggghhh) 
  • Watched some interesting documentaries - Theory's on the end of the world was rather interesting. 
  • Socialised with his friends and made some new ones
  • Enjoyed visiting the campers when we were on holidays and joining in their activities
  • Visited numerous beaches, national parks and rivers he had not been to before
  • Went up a mountain and met a Koala up close
  • Went rock climbing out in nature

The goes on and on, so I think I'll stop now. But you get the gist right? The kid is learning and learning and learning and I am constantly reminded to stop and breathe and let him do it! 

The world really is his classroom. Kids can teach us so much you know? Learning is simply everywhere if we just pay attention.....and sometimes its nice to just take a breather and play.....

Or see how high you can go and then jump! Arghhhhhh.......not looking! 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Will try and update about our learning adventures next week. I would also like to share some pictures of our holiday. 

Love and light to all, hugs and smoochies xoxoxox


  1. I had to close my eyes and not look last week - when B decided to jump off the 5m diving platform!! Unfortunately I was videoing it for him so I couldn't close my eyes - just had to pretend I was filming someone else's child ;)

    1. LOL yes I have been in that situation so many times. It really does not get much easier even though that get bigger.

  2. How interesting having one learning at home and one at school. Love the new bikes!

    1. Lots of families do it. I have friends who homeschool each child till highschool and then they go to school. Also lots of families like us have kids with different needs so it works best this way. I would rather homeschool them both but school is working out as a better option for A at this stage.


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