Sunday, February 10, 2013

Our homeschooling week....

Another week has passed us by already, where does the time go?

This week,  the weather was finally nice and sunny and warm. So we chose to spend a good deal of it at the beach.  One day we even took our worksheets along. Much nicer laying in the sun working than sitting at a desk.

I have had to re-arrange the whole learning plan due to 2 days work Z has. So I have incorporated subjects into unit studies or overlapping subjects eg. He gets his english work in with his history or science etc. We have decided to leave a couple of our subjects till later in the year as well. Better to do well at a few subjects than try and do too much and zone out. So as much as we were looking forward to our Ancient Rome study, we have decided to leave it till we finish our Australia and Gold unit.


Z has been bodyboarding, bodysurfing and swimming for hours on end. Having loads of fun, especially when his friends joined us and of course exercising to boot. Win Win all around. :-)

He has also been to gymnastics class, done some indoor exercises (his gym routine)  and cycling, climbed up and down cliffs (much to my horror) and had several discussions re body and healthy eating.

Attended first youth group for the year (bible lesson and social event for teens), this is a weekly event.

Had a friend over for a sleep over.

And of course there is always time for a little trampolining. (or tossing around your little cousin).


Minecraft - Spends a couple of hours a day on this, self inspired.

Eureka Math Tutor - installed and watched a couple of lessons. Not sure what we think of this yet as it appears to have some glitches in the generated math questions. Being that there was no right answer for a couple of questions which Z found really frustrating. (He worked on the Number section - Factors, Multiples, Prime numbers, Common denominators and Number patterns).

General Maths (Excel)  - Estimations
                                      - Operations with large numbers (Add, Sub, Mult & Div)
                                      - Number Lines

Real Life   - Worked out hourly wages and time sheets for work
                  - Cooking - Pizza - fractions and measurements
                  - Discussed bank accounts, interest and saving plans - worked out percentages

History/Geography/English/Science   (Unit Studies) 


  • lots and lots of reading, both fiction and non fiction (Valley of Gold- Jackie French inspired).
  • Computer research on Cobb & Co. Royal Mail Co. 
  • Completed several comprehension worksheets
  • One Cloze passage. 
  • Read and deciphered Henry Lawsons poem about Cobb & Co. attempted to answer questions (to my absolute horror and frustration, he was entirely un-interested in this activity. Even after explaining the language to him it kind of went over his head)
  • Valley of Gold - the night of the bushrangers - this story is told from the perspective of the horse. 
  • Read Gold in Australia - the early years.
  • Highlighted keywords in a passage and discussed.
  • Wrote a letter home (from the perspective of an immigrant gold miner). (In typical Zak fashion it was rather amusing.)

  • Neptune - Reading and comprehension worksheets
  • Co-ordinate charts
  • Find a Word
English - other

  • Spelling - we have a focus list each week and learn the words through using them in various activities. Not only learning to spell them but how and when to use them, what they mean etc. He has a workbook for this. And completes one unit per week. 
Have noted this week that Z has a habit of forgetting his punctuation when not using it often so we need more practice there. His handwriting on the other hand seems to have improved considerably over the holidays. 

History - other

  • Zak has been reading Horrible Histories - this week the Vikings. 
Science - other

Z has signed up for a class with a science teacher from Western Australia. I have to say the first lesson was absolutely AWESOME. P, the teacher explains everything so well, shows the kids how to set out their worksheets and conducts experiments along the way which kept Z glued to the screen.  He was a little disappointed that there is only one lesson a week. LOL Hopefully, every lesson is just as interesting to him. :-) 

This week's class was introductory to Chemistry - learning objectives....

  • Describe the behaviour of solids, liquids, gasses in terms of their atomic structure
  • Use the Kinetic Model of matter to explain changes of states

Z also watched some science tv shows, I was not paying attention to which ones and forgot to write them down. He loves watching myth busters and other shows where they demonstrate practical science and of course blow things up. 

He also watched Meerkat manor and a show about Orangatang's. 

Creative Art

Bit slack this week as I did not get organised for this subject, but Zak has been drawing a bit of his own accord which deserves a mention.


Cooking - of course the cooking goes on every week. Z likes to try out his own recipes and created a rather interesting food laden pizza this week which he fed to Josh. They assure me it was the best. And he remembered to turn off the oven for once! Yay! 

Motor Cycle -

Zak has been studying his motor cycle manual, learning and preparing safety measures and is now ready for his first ride. He is hoping to go later today. All his gear is ready and he is super keen. 


He learned what hard work is all about this week. Came home exhausted from his first day of work but faired a bit better on day 2 when the day was not quite as long. He has learned how to mow lawns effectively and work in a team. 

We had a talk about safety wear and plan to buy some work boots after learning that snakes are often about on jobs. 

On the home front, he helped with some weeding, transplanted an eggplant which is doing well and harvested some chillies, tomatoes, zucchini  and eggplant. 


Ukulele practice. 

General other

We watched "The life of Pi" and discussed the move in depth afterwards. This movie was a never ending discussion prompter. Yes we liked it. Funnily enough Z thought most of it was believable until the meerkat island bit. Our discussions went from the spiritual aspects to the survival to the "what is or is not real?" to the "OMG did he eat his mother?" Yep it was interesting all right. 

Here is a picture from our holidays. Z and his dad are trying to work out just how far they walked one day. If you look to the left,  you can see the tideline of the beach. we were staying down there close to that beach. We walked from there to the green park in the foreground and back. We did not realise how far it was until we climbed this mountain and saw the distance. It took over an hour each way.  

I wonder if we would have attempted this walk had we seen how far it was first? Hmmmmm

Well,  thats about it for this week. Not too bad after all and here I was wondering how we would fit it all in. LOL

Learning is happening! Life is good!


  1. Me thinks I need a nap ! Wow ! I'm impressed. That last photo is more than just awesome. Miss hearing from you. Mwuahhh !

  2. Wow, that was a full on week!

    Would you mind giving me some more info about the online science class? It sounds great.

    1. Sure, just sent you an email with the details. :-)


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