Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Our homeschooling fortnight....

As you can imagine with all the illness and accidents over the past couple of weeks. Our learning was a little condensed. Although once you write it all down it does not seem so bad after all. Outdoor activities were replaced with indoor. Brain bruisers were replaced with gentler easier to digest with fuzzy brain activities. And it went a bit like this.......


There was no gymnastics due to the surfing accident and sore muscles that needed to heal. He did still however go swimming and bodyboarding a few times.

He worked at Gardening business for only two days this fortnight.



He did watch quite a bit of tv considering he was laid up for about 4 days and indoors for quite a few more with the weather. He watched a lot of science shows (you know the type where they conduct experiments) and a few documentaries about nature. And then there was "Fringe" (for those who have not heard of it. A show about mad scientists and an imminent war between two parallel universes. Whilst not real life it does bring up a lot for discussion and science related questions etc. He has been enjoying this series and is up to season 4 already.)

He has continued with his online science class and completed two more lessons on

/Introductory Chemistry 

All lessons watched and worksheets completed.

  • Write the correct chemical formulae for compounds based on the valencies of the atoms involved. 
  • Writing chemical equations  (memorise) 
  • Draw electron shell diagrams for various elements. 
  • Explain the terms, elements, compounds.    (really keen to do some of the experiments himself at home). 
  • Study chemistry charts

  • The Milky Way Galaxy   (Reading and comprehension)
  • Stellar Dwarfs - Research and colours and group stars, write a mnemonic for remembering the order of the stars. 
  • Label sketch of the Milky Way Galaxy
  • The Moon (Reading facts) Comprehension worksheet. 
  • The phases of the moon. Label Diagram and colour the phases of the moon.
/Marine Biology/Creative Art

  • Discuss and observe different types of food chains, brainstorm examples
  • Observe order of food chain in Marine environment
  • Begin prep for artwork - Food Chain Pyramid - large triangle sheet
  • Draw and cut out various fish shape
  • Paint fish with water colours and mix overlapping colours
(Ongoing art Science/Art project) 


  • Calculator operations
  • Played Spider Math
  • Equations and inequations
  • Order of Operations - 1
  • Order of Operations -2 
  • Inverse Operations
  • Number patterns -2 
  • Order of Operations - 3
  • Equations with numbers and words
  • Substituting values
  • Minecraft
  • Menza Puzzles and Brain teasers  (to wake up that sleepy brain) 


Various activities around spelling words of the week. We skipped spelling for the second week as he was unwell and he chose to do more math and less English. 


Continuing with Valley of Gold - 1900 Maggie - Fiction, 1890 -1920 Factual. 


  • Gold in Australia
  • Mining Methods - reading and comprehension
  • Gold Discoveries
  • Writing (creative) 
  • Writing (newspaper article)
  • Victoria - read and comprehend facts (complete Synonyms for passage words) 

Z has been cooking up a storm as usual and leaving the cooktop turned on. Arghhhh Baking however is going smoothly....

Last week he made up his own recipe. Gluten free banana, choc chip muffins. (OR Zaks Juicy Banana Choc Chip Cupcakes as he would have them named. Very heavy on the choc chips but otherwise nice and healthy). 


  • Has been using the computer for lots of research and self led interests
  • Learned how to fix and re-install programs after a break down of his computer
  • Minecraft and skype with friends


The usual practice...


Learned and assisted with changing of door handles/locks after we discovered there had been an attempted break in through our back door. 

Youth group - went on a night trip to Sydney for combined church group event one week and stayed at church on second week where they did a bible lesson and then some wrestling. 

For those wondering where English is, it is submerged in all the other subjects. Mum is a bit sneaky like that. hehehehe! 

Are we feeling sleepy yet? 

Have a wonderful week all. 

Hugs and smoochies xoxox

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  1. Another busy week! Bit scary about your attempted break-in :(


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