Thursday, June 27, 2013

Homeschool update.....

Thought I had better drop by and let you all know that we are still alive, living and learning! As you can see by top picture, and after our trip to the Blue Mountains, his nibs has not spent a great deal of time sitting at a desk lately. Last week anyway, he spent a lot of time exploring the wise old trees at Parramatta park.

He spent the week with his sister and enjoyed a whole lot of eating out at various multicultural restaurants, playing with puppies, visiting pet stores, playing minecraft or browsing the internet, watching movies, shopping for a small wardrobe of clothing on a small budget and enjoying the freedom of doing what ever he liked without his mama nagging him to do some bookwork. Big sisters are way cooler than mama's to hang out with you know?

While this week he did catch up with a bit of Maths, English, Music, Art theory and History, he has also danced to his own tune and sought out his own interests which has worked out well as other family members have been down with the flu. Zak had one day with bad headaches but other than that, thankfully has managed to stave it off.

He spent the better part of a day researching Gecko's as Gemma bought home a little Leaf Tail Gecko and he was duly impressed. Licenses were sought and sorted. Interesting habitat additions were bought in and lots of watching and playing with little "Robin Percy" and making sure the cat stays away were the norm.

The game "Bop it XT" has been passed around with Zak keeping his place as the highest scorer and me threatening to dispose of it as it was driving me insane. Does not go well with headaches and finally he worked out that it works with earphones! Thank goodness!

Adem has been off school all week with the flu, my sister is at mums from Melbourne so we have been trying to catch up daily and we picked Meagan up from the airport last night too (YAY). As she is here for the next 10 days and we have various family functions on, I will probably not get time to update much.

Hope you are all happy and well and living and learning in love.

Take care my friends.

Hugs and smoochies xoxox


  1. Sounds like a great week. Bop It is very annoying, isn't it? I didn't know it worked with headphones - I'll have to remember that :)

  2. It all sounds so good K! Blue Mountains and Parra are my old stomping grounds, glad Z got to get away and spend some time with his sister.


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