Friday, August 30, 2013

The antics of Penguins.....

We spent quite a while observing the Penguins on our recent trip to Sea World. If there was not such a crowd for getting a look, one could simply sit for hours and watch their antics. Amusing as they are!

The order of the day seemed to be nest building. Most of the penguins were paired up, with one watching the nest while the other went in search of rocks to build it a little better. Some were better at this than others.

Some had quite the rock pile going on while others were a little bit wanting. Some were quite satisfied with their nests and kept watch over them while others took to leaving theirs and stealing from other nests. Naturally, this caused a bit of dissent among the natives.

The funniest thing we observed though was the antics of one very naughty boy and his mate along with a third party. The nest was quite full compared to others and the Mrs decided to go for a wander while he watched the nest.

While she was gone, another female came along and started flirting with the nest minder. It did not take much for him to be tempted. Ahem... whats going on here?

Once they had their fun a quick exit was made by her ladyship.....

But she did not quite get away with it. I had put the camera down for a moment and we saw the MRS take on this cheeky young lady. She gave her quite a few slaps and told her what for and as I got the camera back out I got this shot of her heading back to her mate who also got a good talking too. It was so funny...

We could have watched them for hours. :-)

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  1. The penguins were my absolute favourite too last time we were there :-)


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